All returns must be accompanied with original receipt. Non-Defective Merchandise Returns: Most items can be returned within 30 days from date of purchase for store credit only. Items must be approved clean and in original packaging to recieve full credit. Returns being shipped must be approved with customer service prior to being sent. Credit for shipping charges will not be issued.

Under-Warranty Merchandise: The merchandise can be repaired, replaced or credit may beissued, at our discretion, depending on the specific warranty offered by the manufacturer.


We are sometimes asked in our brick & mortar stores why our prices are higher on certain items then compared to our website. Primarily we would like to state that we do not charge more in our retail stores; we charge less on the website. After having put a great deal of effort into creating our website it was apparent that there were many other “online-only” web stores that were offering products at heavily discounted pricing. In Internet retail, a company is competing with some websites that can be run by a single individual taking orders and having the items drop-shipped from their vendors. They are able to sell products at these prices because they don’t have to pay rent on a building, utility costs, labor for trained, experienced sales and customer service people, etc. Once we realized the competition was facing, we knew that we would have to create “web only” pricing on many of our popular products. Since selling products through our website costs less overhead then selling in our store we feel justified with these online only discounts. Often when we receive online orders the only cost involved is the labor needed to process and ship the order. It costs a great deal more to run and maintain retail showrooms where every customer that comes in can physically inspect and handle products before purchasing and can spend hours of our time getting great advice from a knowledgeable well trained staff no matter the size of a purchase. The overhead associated with operating our retail stores is many times what it costs to operate the website.

Here are some of the main reasons why some prices are lower on the website:

  1. With many of our online orders the products can be drop shipped to the customer direct from a wholesale vendor or the manufacturer. In-store prices are what they are because we have to compensate for the freight costs on keeping our retail stores fully stocked and other forms of overhead.
  2. Root Grow Bloom retail stores and are treated as two separate entities. Since the website has much lower operating costs, we are able to charge less on some items.
  3. Our online customers pay shipping and wait days to get their order. If they have any issues with warrantee merchandise, they have to pay to have it shipped back to us, wait for it to get repaired/ replaced and shipped back. These issues take longer and cost more then it would for brick & mortar store customers. We have to consider all of these factors when setting our online prices.

Our main concern overall is the satisfaction of both our in-store and online customers. Each has different requirements and concerns and we will continue to do all we can to service them respectively. If you feel that the service you received, the product selection, or any other aspect of your shopping experience was lacking in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask to speak to a supervisor.


Prices and availability of items on this website are subject to change. However any pertinent changes to a customer’s order will be issued by email and the order will not be processed until agreement is received.


Root Grow Bloom Organic & Hydroponic Gardening is not responsible for any direct/indirect consequences or damages caused by the user and or purchaser.

Our products are for legal use only.