Yellow Bottle Bloom Ultra 2.5 Liter


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Using Organic plant signaling compounds and Nucleic Acids, Bloom ULTRA triggers flower development fast, increasing initial flower set. The Signaling compounds in Bloom Ultra that trigger flower set are so specific they only switch on genes responsible for the development of female flowers. Nucleic Acids are organic compounds used as building blocks by all living flora and fauna to construct DNA. This powerful multi-purpose building block is the cornerstone of life. Previously unavailable to horticulturist Agricultural Organics relentless R&D has developed a process to extract specific Nucleic Acids for use in Bloom ULTRA. Plants treated with Bloom ULTRA also display a characteristic of uniform development over the entire plant with greatly increased flower development on the lower branches or base. This trait combined with reduced flowering stretch ensures uniform crop development and more yield per square foot without the use of plant growth regulators (PGR’S) increasing yield.

Bloom Ultra is highly concentrated at 1:1000 dilution ratio.
One liter makes 266 gallons.

Weight 3 lbs