Yellow Bottle Bloom Pre 2.5 Liter

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Bloom Pre stimulates massive branching and triggers a stage of development called pre-flowering improving response at flower initiation. Plants grown using Bloom Pre also have much shorter internode spacing producing much more compact plants without the use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR’s). Bloom Pre also contains Agricultural Organics Vitamin and Amino Acid suite (VAA). 37 different Vitamins, Amino Acids and Bio-Stimulants were tested over 16 different concentrations. This totaled 592 individual tests and provides the baseline levels used in Agricultural Organics VAA suite.The Bloom Pre formulation promotes branching, decreased Internode spacing and greater plant density per area therefore developing plants with a higher number of flowers per square foot. Whilst also helping to relieve stress and promote synthesis of secondary metabolites and plant hormones using the plants own metabolism.

Bloom Pre is highly concentrated at 1:1000 dilution ratio.
One liter makes 266 gallons.

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