Yellow Bottle Bloom Phat 2.5 Liter


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This is Bloom’s big gun for use during the most rapid period of plant growth and development the exponential flowering phase during weeks 3 and 4. Bloom Phat puts on biomass faster during this period than any other product on the market. Bloom Phat utilizes Bloom’s Sugar Translocation Technology (STT) and Phytic Acid to make flowers Phat fast. Phytic Acid (inositol hexaphosphate) is the most abundant form of stored phosphorus and carbohydrates in flora. This readily bio-usable phosphorus is taken directly to the flowering portions of the plant without the need to be combined into a bio-usable form first fast tracking the plants natural metabolism. STT also delivers stored carbohydrates taken directly from the stems, leaves and roots of the plant to the flowering portions for incorporation into bio-mass. Together Phytic Acid and STT make flowers Phat fast.

Bloom Ultra is highly concentrated at 1:1000 dilution ratio.
One liter makes 1000L/266gal.

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