Spray-N-Grow 8 oz


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Spray-N-Grow is a complex micronutrient to be used as a foilar spray only. Acting as a bio-catalyst, it will unlock the optimum growth and flowering potential of any plant. Use Coco-Wet wetting agent to help break down surface tension and help Spray-N-Grow stick to the plant leaves.

For earlier, larger, more plentiful blooms…more vibrant colors and greener plants…and larger, tastier harvests. Not a fertilizer or hormone, all-natural Spray-N-Grow is a unique, organic-based micronutrient complex. It’s like vitamins for your plants. This combination of essential nutrients work on vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, as well as shrubs, trees, houseplants, even orchids. Spray-N-Grow is completely safe, economical and easy to use. Just spray the leaves of plants and let dry. Sit back and collect the compliments.


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