Sensizym 1 Liter

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If you want to improve the nutrient health of your plants and maximize growth and yields, use Sensizym. This concentrated enzyme product enhances the uptake of nutrients and other beneficial elements. Sensizym provides truly superior results. By reconditioning soil and improving nutrition, Sensizym maximizes growth, enhanced drought resistance, and aids in producing better harvests.

  • Enhances utilization of water and water-borne elements
  • Contains over 80 enzymes required by plants
  • Incorporates cellusase enzymes
  • Has the longest shelf life of all enzymatic products

It’s easy to use this advanced enzyme product. When applying Sensizym to soil or sphagnum moss, simply mix 5 ml of product per litre of water for every watering. Apply this mixture every week throughout the vegetative and flowering cycles. For hydroponics use, mix 5 ml of Sensizym per litre into the nutrient reservoir. Once again, use every week during the vegetative and flowering phases.

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