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Steinernema carpocapsae & Heterorhabditis heliothedis

Use against more than 250 different insects, including Fleas, Thrips, Fungus Gnats, even insects as large as Cutworms! Predator Nematodes come packaged on a small piece of synthetic sponge that you rinse out in water. Then use any type of watering can or sprayer to apply them to the soil. Each package of one million treats up to 2,500 square feet of soil surface. For best results make repeat applications every 4-6 weeks.

Microscopic Predator Nematodes attack and kill almost any insects that live in the soil, even ones as large as cutworms. Not to be confused with pest nematodes, Predator Nematodes attack only pest insects, never plants, and they’re harmless to earthworms, too. But if it’s an insect, watch out! So long as an insect spends part of its life cycle resting in the soil (as many insect pests do) they attack by actually invading the insect body and then reproducing themselves on what remains, until only a “shell” is left behind. More nematodes then emerge to repeat the cycle.

Predator Nematodes are so tiny, one million fit on a small 2″ sponge. Each million treats up to 3000 square feet of soil surface. To use, rinse the sponge(s) in a gallon of water. This gallon can then be further diluted with as little or as much water as desired, and watered into the soil. How do you water them into the soil? It doesn’t really matter – you can water them in with a watering can, spray them in with a pump-up sprayer (no, the pressure doesn’t hurt them – they go through the nozzle fine), or even run them through a fertilizer-injector. The important things are to use them within 2 hours of mixing, because after that they start to drown. And release them in the early morning or evening, because sunlight harms them until they’re watered into the soil. Water them in so they’re flushed through the top 2-3 inches of soil.

Our “Double-Death” Predator Nematodes perform better and go farther because they’ve been raised on a diet of live insects. Some other brands are raised on artificial diet, and are not nearly as vigorous as our live-reared nematodes. Stored live in the refrigerator (not dehydrated), our “Double-Death” Predator Nematodes are immediately active, and rapidly set up breeding populations.

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