Praying Mantis Eggs


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Depending on the vendor we can get the eggs from, they either come as a large single egg or two smaller eggs. Either way you will get an average of 50-400 baby mantids to hatch.

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Praying Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) make wonderful backyard pets, and constantly entertain while they eat insects all Summer long. Eggs store in the refrigerator until ready for hatching, which takes 2-8 weeks of warm weather.

Shipping Notice: Special freight rules apply to beneficial insects in order to ensure their survival. Please call us at 407-647-4769 or write to us at to get an accurate quote and place your bug order. The insects will drop ship from the company that raises them either next day or 2nd day Air. 2nd Day Air Beneficial Insects are only shipped Monday-Wednesdays (holidays excluded). Next Day Air Beneficial Insects are only shipped Mondays-Thursdays (holidays excluded).

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