MaxiGro 2.2 lbs


General Hydroponics: MaxiGro (10-5-14)

MaxiGro (10-5-15) is a strong one-part dry nutrient gardeners use to start plants and to promote fast growth during the vegetative stage. It improves plant yield and is pH buffered to help reduce pH drift. MaxiGro is easy-to-use and works well in hydroponic or traditional gardening.

Dry Concentrated Nutrient

Use to encourage growth of seedlings and cuttings, and to stimulate rapid growth through the “vegetative” growth stage.

Maxi Series

MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are extremely potent, stand-alone, water-soluble, dry concentrate nutrients. Complete in Primary, Secondary, and Micro Nutrients, pH buffered MaxiGro and MaxiBloom will provide superior results when used with a wide variety of crops in both hydroponic and soil-based environments.

Available in 2.2 pound resealable foil pouch.

Weight 3 lbs