Liquid Karma Quart


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Liquid Karma All Natural Plant Growth Stimulant.

Designed by a Ph.D. Plant Physiologist, Liquid Karma represents a significant breakthrough in plant nutrition. Liquid Karma contains a full complement of metabolically active and organic compounds that are not found in regular plant foods or supplements. These unique compounds are absorbed immediately and act as catalysts to produce accelerated growth under all conditions. With increased metabolic rates, Liquid Karma ensures optimal plant growth, healthy rooting and protection from transplant shock.

Liquid Karma (.1-.1-.5) is a potent plant stimulant containing amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates derived from dolomite, humic acid, fish meal and seaweed extract. Gardeners can use Liquid Karma at all stages of plant growth, from seed right up to harvest. It’s great for transplants too, and has been shown to reduce transplant shock. A great choice for plants’ nutrient needs.

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