Green Planet – Finisher 10 Liter


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Finisher is a super additive used to finish off your flowering cycle.

  • This product was formulated to get the absolute most from your flowering plants.
  • It’s an essential aid for use in the last three to six weeks of the flowering stage.
  • Originally Finisher was designed to counteract the undesirable side effects of using height controlling products such as Superbud, Topload, Bushmaster and others.
  • Finisher is a unique blend of organic enzyme activators, triacontanol, vitamins, essential L-form amino acids, fulvic acid and both simple and complex carbohydrates.
  • The ingredients combined will absolutely unleash the full flowering potential of your favorite plants or herbs.
  • No expense has been spared in researching and developing this impressive flowering additive.
  • From using the finest in raw materials to the science of blending them in precisely the right way, Finisher will send your yields through the stratosphere.
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