Coco-Wet 8 oz

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Coco-Wet is an organic wetting agent formulated to maximize product absorption and coverage on all plant surfaces. Add Coco-Wet to every liquid foliar spray including Spray-N-Grow, fungicides and insecticides.

Have you ever sprayed a nutrient on the leaves of your plant and watched it roll right off? All your work and money wasted. Use Coco-Wet with every application of Spray-N-Grow or other liquid nutrient sprays. Why? The longer a foliar spray, like Spray-N-Grow, stays on plants’ leaves, the more efficiently it is absorbed by the plant. This means less run-off, less evaporation, and more efficient uptake of nutrients. Coco-Wet is an organic, nonionic wetting agent and is compatible with all your nutrient sprays.


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