CNS17 Ripe 5 Gallon

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Botanicare: CNS17 Ripe (1-5-4)

Ripe’s adjusted NPK, 1-5-4, is designed to help promote riping in your fruiting/flowering plants. Ripe’s NPK level keeps your plants looking lush and green while providing more of the elements needed to help ripen and enhance your yield. this easy to use product works by depleting the Nitrogen to a minimal level while leaving the phosphorus and potassium at optimal ranges to encourage a plant to focus it energy on its reproductive function – riping its fruit faster while still maintaining its foliage. great for both soil and soiless gardens. Ripe can be used with either the CNS17 Coco & Soil or the CNS17 Hydrogardening Formulas. Although Ripe was initially designed to be used during the last 3-4 weeks of flowering, many of our customers have been getting great results by using it in place of the CNS 17 Bloom right at thge onset of flowering.

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