CAN-Lite Mini 6″ x 16″ 420cfm Carbon Filter

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This model comes with a 6″ flange, sits 16″ tall, and handles up to a 420cfm fan.

CF group has added a new series of canister filters to their already dominant line of activated carbon filters. After years of research and field testing of the light-weight carbon filter, CF group will proudly place their trusted name in air filtration on this new series of filters. The Can-Lite™ 100 has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind. The Can-Lite™ is manufactured the same way as the Original Can-Filters® (proven packed bed design). The difference is in the carbon; high density carbon is used in the Can-Lite™.

  • Built in flange
  • Weight saving aluminum top and bottom
  • Consistent fill procedure
  • Sized to meet all of your ventilation needs
  • Pre filter included
  • Ease of installation with the low overall weight
Weight 8 lbs